Ashtead Singers Repertoire

The table below lists the items we have performed over the last 23 years (not including traditional Christmas Carols and Hymns). To only show a few songs, use the Selection Choices on the right.

  AylwardMag and Nunc
  BachBreezy Bach (air on a G string)
  BachSinget in Herrn
  BachO sacred head sore wounded
  BachJesu joy of mans desiring
  BairstowMag & Nunc in D
  BairstowLet all mortal flesh
  BairstowSave us, O Lord
  Balfour GardinerEvening Hymn
  BanchieriContrapunto Bestiale
  BattenDeliver us, O Lord
  BattenO Praise the Lord
  Beach BoysMedley
  Beethoven9th symphony (last movement)
  BerlinPlay a simple melody
  BoyceTurn thee from my sins
  BrattonThe Teddy Bears Picnic (arr Carter)
  BridgeThe Goslings
  BrittenTe Deum in C
  BrucknerVirga Jesse
  BrucknerLocus Iste
  BrucknerChristus Factus Est
  BrucknerVexilla Regis
  BrucknerEcce Sacerdos
  BullockGive us the wings of faith
  ByrdFour Part Mass
  ByrdVictimae Paschali
  ByrdAve Verum
  CampianNever weather beaten sail
  CoplandChing a ring chaw
  DarkeMag & Nunc in E
  DoddsOut of your sleep
  DowlandCome again! Sweet love
  DurufleIntroit & Kyrie
  DvorakMass in D
  DysonMag & Nunc in D
  ElgarAve Verum
  FarmerFair Phyllis
  FaureCantique de Jean Racine
  FerialVerses & Responses
  FinziGod is gone up
  FranckPanis Angelicus
  GabrielliIn Excelcis
  GershwinSomebody loves me
  GibbonsO Clap your Hands
  GibbonsThe Silver Swan
  GibbonsO Lord, Increase my Faith
  GraingerCountry Gardens (arr David Tall)
  GriegAve Maris Stella
  GruberStille Nacht (various arrangements)
  HamlishThe way we were
  HandelSurely he has borne our grief
  HandelHallelujah Chorus
  HandelGlory to God
  HareBare Necessities
  HarrisFaire is the heaven
  HaydnLittle Organ Mass
  HaydnTe Deum
  HeadLittle road to Bethlehem
  HolstI love my love
  HowellsMag & Nunc (Coll Reg)
  HowellsLike a hart
  HowellsMag & Nunc (St Pauls)
  HowellsTe Deum & Jubilate
  IrelandThe Hills
  IrelandMag & Nunc in F
  IrelandMag & Nunc
  IrelandTe Deum in F
  KellyMag & Nunc in C
  KiddyThere is a green hill
  Lennon & McCartneyWhen Im Sixty Four
  LoeweGet me to the church on time
  MartinMass for double choir
  MathiO sing unto the Lord
  MawbyAve Verum Corpus
  MonteverdiBeatus Vir
  MorleyNow is the Month of Maying
  MorleyApril is in my mistress face
  MozartCoronation Mass
  MozartMissa Brevis in B minor
  MozartAve Verum
  NobleMag & Nunc in B Minor
  PalestrinaMissa Papae Maecellae
  PalestrinaRorate Coeli
  PalestrinaCanite Tuba
  PalestrinaMissa Aeterna Christi Munera
  ParryI was glad
  PelligiriniMissa Ave Regina Caelorum
  PhillipsAve Verum
  PitoniCantati Domino
  PorterEvery time we say goodbye
  PorterYou do something to me
  PraetoriusEs ist ein Rose
  PurcellThou knowest Lord the Secrets of our Hea
  PurcellRemember Lord not our offences
  PurcellRejoice in the Lord alway
  PurcellHear my Prayer, O Lord
  PurcellDido & Aeneus
  RodgersClimb every mountain
  RodgersThe Sound of Music
  RutterThe Lord bless you and keep you
  RutterTe Deum in C
  RutterGo forth into the world in peace
  SchmittTry to remember
  SchubertMass In Ab
  SchubertMass In G
  SeiberThree Hungarian Folksongs
  StainerGod so loved the world
  StanfordMag & Nunc in C
  StanfordBeati Quorum Via
  StanfordCoelos Ascendit
  StanfordMag & Nunc in A
  StanfordMag & Nunc in Bb
  StanfordTe Deum in Bb
  StanfordMag & Nunc in G
  SteadmanIf ye love me (commission)
  StravinskyAve Maria
  TallisO Nata Lux
  TallisIf ye love me
  TallisMag & Nunc Short Service
  TavenerSong for Athene
  TippettFive Negro Spirituals
  TomkinsO Sing unto the Lord
  TradThe Blue Bell of Scotland (arr Dodds)
  TradDown by the Sally Gardens
  TradLittle Jack Horner
  TradLoch Lomond (arr Roberton)
  TradSilent Worship
  TradSwing Low
  TradThe wandering player
  TradTick Tock
  TradLinden Lea
  TurnerTequila Samba
  VariousOh Father! Medley
  Vaughan WilliamsO taste and see
  Vaughan WilliamsFain would I change that note
  Vaughan WilliamsFestival Te Deum
  ViadanaExultate justi
  VittoriaO Quam Gloriosum
  WalmsleyMag & Nunc in D Minor
  WaltonMake we Joyful
  WaltonTe Deum
  WarlockBethlehem Down
  WarlockLullay my Liking
  WeelkesLate in my rash accounting
  WesleyThou wilt keep him in perfect peace
  WilbyeAdieu sweet Amaryllis
  WilbyeFlora gave me fairest flowers
  WilbyeSweet honey-sucking bees
  WilliamsTsunami Requiem
  WoodThis joyful Eastertide
  WoodHail Gladdening Light
  WoodOculi Omnium
  WoodJesu, the very thought of thee
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