Rehearse at Home

The following sites will help with rehearsing with your score at home, particularly if you don't have a keyboard, or appreciate help with sight reading.


This site is free to users. Click on Major Works to identify the piece, and if applicable the movement you want to rehearse, click on your voice part and play. It is best to listen on headphones, your voice part will be separated from and louder than the rest of the chorus. If you listen via windows media player, you can alter the playing speed without altering pitch. There is also an electronic keyboard aligned with all the notes on the staves if you want to pick out notes (one note at a time, no chords). The site covers many major works but there are gaps.

The Silvis Woodshed

This site is also free and is more comprehensive but doesn't separate your part from the rest of the choir.

Music Dynamics

This site is not free but does separate your part from the rest of the choir. It has some music not available on CyberBass.